Project Madzinga - Exterior Painting

Project description

Big exterior painting project!

We were contracted to paint the exterior of the house and boundary wall. Inside walls are vibracrete slabs and posts. The house needed a lot of prep work before painting:
– High pressure cleaning
– Removal of downpipes
– Gutter cleaning
– and more!

Once all the prep work was done we got down to painting. Lovely color choice for this home as it was almost unbearable to sit by the pool with the sunlight reflecting off the walls.

Owner of the property is not in the country so they had to place their trust in our references and out communication for them to see the progress of the work as well as to know that we would do what we said we would do.

The finished product is amazing – fully washable paint.

Work done

  • NPainting - Walls of house | Boundary wall | Trimming all around including vibracrete posts
  • NHigh pressure cleaning

Below you will find:
Before & after pictures

Renovation gallery

Updated and freshly painted exterior family home.

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