Project Knott - Interior Painting Renovation

Project description

Interior Painting Renovation

This house needed a lot of work!

The house was empty(ish) for this project as a lot of work needed to be done to the interior of this house. Bubbling paint, lots of holes, cracks, and areas that were unfinished by previous contractors. There was a room that was used as a gym that had floor-to-ceiling mirrors on all the walls, lots of cables everywhere that needed to be tidied up, and so on.

This house is off the grid when it comes to electricity and almost completely off the grid for water so believe me when I say there were A LOT of cables and pipes everywhere.

We removed all the screws, wall plugs, hooks, mirrors, double-sided tape, furniture, and miscellaneous items on day one which allowed us to quickly prep every wall and ceiling throughout the house properly. We got a mirror/glass company in to remove the floor-to-ceiling mirrors safely. We then opened all the cracks where necessary and filled the holes/cracks on every wall. Then sanded every filled area throughout the house which felt like days of sanding, because it was – three days of sanding! Using electric sanders nogal

Once that was done we sealed the necessary areas with damp proof and then sealed them again before we cleaned up and prepped for painting. First, we painted the cornices and ceilings then all the walls.

This Interior Painting project completely transformed the house and gave it a sense of openness and freshness compared to when we first arrived at the house.

Work done

  • NInterior Painting - Walls | Ceilings | Cornices

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A beautifully renovated apartment in the heart of the Cape Town CBD area.

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