Project Fancourt - Nutec Boards

Project description

Nutec Boards

We were contacted to supply and install Nutec Boards on a boundary wall fence to give more privacy to the client’s garden area.

The Boards, or otherwise known as HANDIPLANKS come in varying lengths, thicknesses, and sizes:
8mm thick x 150mm high x 3m long
8mm thick x 200mm high x 3m long

There are also WENDY PLANKS:
7.5mm thick x 150mm high x 3.6m long
7.5mm thick x 225mm high x 3.6m long

They also come in sheets or boards:
6mm thick x 1200mm high x 2.4m long

And these can be used for cladding, gates, wendy houses, fences and so on!

The Nutec product can be painted – it needs to be primed with a cement primer, I always like to apply a minimum of two coats of primer to ensure proper coverage for the paint.

Work done

  • NSupply and installation of Nutec Boards on boundary wall fence


Nutec Boards installed on a boundary wall fence for privacy.

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