Project Sulzer - Gravel Stones, Deck and Handyman

Project description

Gravel Stones, Handyman, Deck treatment

The owners of the property contacted us from overseas and asked if we can inspect their property – which we did. We had a look at their garden (what was meant to be a garden as well as their deck) and reported back with what we found and recommended removing the dead grass and laying gravel stones.

We then quoted to remove all the dead grass, cut back the trees and give the garden area a general clean and tidy up. Gravel stones to cover the entire back garden as the property was being rented out and this was what they wanted to ensure low maintenance and cost (water). The deck had not been treated in a very long time, so we treated the entire deck with raw linseed oil (clients request) and the result is a neat and tidy back garden with a deck that can handle the harsh sun.

We then replaced the broken and bent trellis that were meant to be providing shade – we replaced all of them and more to provide better shade for outside as well as stop so sunlight from leaking into the lounge area.

Work done

  • NGarden Cleanup
  • NGravel stones
  • NTrellis replace and secure

Renovation gallery

Love neat and tidy garden area with newly laid gravel stones treated decking and shade.

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