Project Vickers - Staircase Balustrade

Project description

Staircase Balustrade Parklands

The client purchased the property and was tired of the outdated black iron balustrade. So we came in and made it all go away, tada!

We purchased pine bars and measured (twice) and cut them on-site as no wall is straight so better to be safe! We installed stainless brackets that were slightly narrower than the pine bars so they were hidden, with brass square head screws – they are the best!

We gave the pine bars a very light stain to match their kitchen countertops as close as possible and take away the raw look. A little bit warmer.

Work done

  • NRemoving the black iron balustrade
  • NPurchasing and installing pine bars
  • NLight stain on the wood

Below you will find:
Before & after pictures

Renovation gallery

A stunning modern staircase balustrade in a newly purchase apartment in Parklands, Cape Town.

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